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Robert Chua conceptualized Quiz Programme attracts Higher Ratings than any other International TV Quiz Programme aired in Singapore


Programme to go to air on TVB in early September


Hong Kong, 29 August 2003 - EVERYONE WINS, the quiz show concept created and developed by well known local television producer, Robert Chua, has achieved viewership ratings exceeding those of its more highly touted International equivalents, "Russian Roulette" and "Weakest Link" during its first airing and just one rating point behind "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?".


The first show, hosted by Jack Neo was aired in Singapore last week at 8pm.


"I am delighted by the viewer reaction in Singapore to EVERYONE WINS, and am thrilled by the level interest in the programme.


The show is the first interactive quiz programme to which allows the viewers watching the programme at home to win prizes.


Viewers can win prizes, during the entire show, if the sequence of numbers on their ID card, mobile phone numbers, sponsor's receipt's numbers or any other pre determined document, matches all the last digit of points scored by contestants at the end of each question. At the same time, viewers can join the excitement and the tension in the ‘Swap Round' between the studio contestants. 


It took Robert Chua more than a year to create the shows concepts and the software element has been programmed by Chris Goss, based in the UK,  the world's leading interactive TV developers.


The show has also proved to be a big hit in Shanghai as well.


Aired nightly by Shanghai Oriental Television daily is the most popular quiz/game show, amongst 38 local channels available to viewers in Shanghai.


"Now that the programme has aired in Shanghai, more other Chinese cities will follow suit. This will be followed by a push to sell the programme globally over the next six to twelve months to dethrone the current most successful quiz show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? " Mr Chua said.


Hong Kong audiences will have a chance to see and take part in the programme shortly.


The show has been taken by TVB and it will be aired once a week beginning on 14th September 2003.


Robert Chua is recognized for having pioneered terrestrial television in Hong Kong in 1967.  As one of the first executive producers at Hong Kong's TVB - the market's first terrestrial TV station - Chua brought the first ever live programming to Hong Kong, including the variety program "Enjoy Yourself Tonight" and the first Miss Hong Kong pageant.


In March 1995, Chua launched the Chinese language satellite TV service China Entertainment Television Broadcast Ltd (CETV), later sold a majority stake to AOL / Time Warner.  


One of the most influential personalities in Asian media, Chua is also regarded by television industry executives worldwide as a significant resource for Asian co-production, distribution and consultation service.


Hong Kong audiences will have a chance to see and take part in the show shortly.


The show has been licensed to TVB and it will produced the programme once a week foregoing on the

14th September 2003.


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